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on page 284 of Every Man for Himself and God Against All by Werner Herzog 📚

But this inability to keep up doesn’t make me breathless; I acquiesce to it.

Werner Herzog; on accepting that he will never be able to complete all the projects he wants to complete

What’s neo-synthpop? 🎵

Actually never mind that… what’s synthpop?


🍿 Movie log - My Best Fiend (1999) - ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

I took a break from reading Herzog’s memoir to rewatch My Best Fiend this morning. The documentary (and film legend) frames Herzog and Kinski’s relationship as a violent clash of wills. The type of relationship that conventional wisdom says can only lead to destruction. Yet, in their case, their relationship led to the creation of outstanding cinema. Here’s my Letterboxd Blurb:

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reading: Every Man for Himself and God Against All by Werner Herzog 📚

I looked around, and there was the jungle, manifesting the same seething hatred, wrathful and steaming, while the river flowed by in majestic indifference and sconful condescension, ignoring everything, the plight of man, the burden of dreams, and the torments of time. **

** this is originally from Conquest of the Useless, but I don’t own that book.